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Global Touch is the first association uniting Multi-level Marketing professionals in Africa — MLM company owners, distributors or representatives, and executives, as well as strategic partners of the Multi-level Marketing community. This platform is created to brainstorm on the challenges of multilevel marketers, how to surmount these challenges, make a profession of multilevel marketers, give the practitioners a voice, promote, protect, turn the whole concept of network marketing round, re-package, re-strategize and whole lot more that will unfold in the course of our brain-storming.

We provide education and needed resources, we defend,Prevent, respond to and remediate a wide range of multilevel marketing frauds, risks and complex issues. We celebrate not only the profession itself, but also all those who build careers and generates income within the multi-level marketing community. Together we are elevating the entire profession to a whole new level of public awareness, partnerships, credibility, education, and global reach, reflecting the name of the association “Global Touch”.

There are numerous benefits of being a member of Global Touch Association, Association of Network Marketing Professionals. Joining this Association creates opportunities for growth, both your own personal growth and that of your business.

We help you access the best people in the industry, working with legitimate, honest, and trustworthy MLM companies for a secure investment.

Yes together we can make it” 

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