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My name is Mrs. Lydia Olabisi Oshioke; I am from Osun State, Nigeria. I am a beneficiary of the Global Touch Multi-Level Marketers Association. I want to give great kudos to this association.

Firstly, I’ll like to point out that  I joined this association at no cost, registration was absolutely free! I have been involved in so many multi-level companies that make a lot of promises which they did not deliver at the end of the day.

Secondly, some of the multi-level companies will keep their Terms and Conditions but their matrix and marketing plans is complex which is not obvious from the beginning. Since when I joined the Global Touch Multi-Level Marketers Association, my experience has been different compare to my past Multi-Level Marketing experience. Now, I confidently boast that I am a Networker and I even have so many people that want to join my group. The People often time view Multi-Level Marketers as people who goes about trying to extort money from people, but in the Global Touch Multi-Level Marketers Association reversed is the case.

As I speak to you now, this great association have classes where people are trained to be qualified Multi-Level Marketers, which I enjoy tremendous impact  on me as well as my family. I have benefited financially and also medically through the free medical care programmes of the association. These benefits have also been extended to my friends, neighbours and church members.

Lastly, the most interesting part of what I have really benefited from this association is that I don’t need to sweat to get down-lines; the association has trained me on how to go about it without much stress and how to grow my team. The association’s social media platform is very incisive and interactive that perfectly suits those seeking the most reliable and competent Multi-Level Marketing Company to join.

I want to urge every one of my co-networkers to come on board and benefit from all numerous advantages this wonderful platform offers you to be a better networker in any company you find yourself. It is important to note all the training of the Global Touch Multi-Level Marketers Association are free. Make your hard work while networking count and worthwhile, we look forward  to having you on-board of the Global Touch Multi-Level Marketers Association. Together, let’s make a difference!

My name is Eretan Omolara from Lagos Nigeria,am a multilevel marketer and a successful business tycoon. I came across GLOBAL TOUCH MULTILEVEL MARKETING ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (GTMMA) in the year 2019 when all hope is lost in multilevel marketing. The association has brought about a tremendous change in the history of multilevel marketing in Nigeria and the world at large. I joined the platform for free and it was so amazing that no fee is attached to being a member.

As a member of this association, my friends and families can have access to free medical care, free housing scheme, scholarships and many more. GTMMA had been able to come up with skilled personnel that will train and give insight on the platform one can invest in which will bring a profitable outcome at the longrun and thereby bring smiles to our faces. So far, the association has been a saving grace on my part since I joined because it has enabled me to ascertain and investigate some hidden facts in multilevel marketing and this has brought about a great change in my life.

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