• Address: 129 Idumu Road, Council Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos.
  • Email: info@globaltouch.net

The Aim Of This Association

  • ♦ To give voice to multilevel marketers in Nigeria and Africa in general. As we all know that people sometimes see us as jobless people, who goes on the street looking for people to extort/scam.
  • ♦ To put networking company owners in-check. About 80 percent of networking company owners are selfish, as they run away after collecting money from people or change the marketing plan, thereby leaving us in the hands of our downlines to be lynched.
  • ♦ To unite leaders together so as to speak with one voice towards prescribing the best network company with achievable plans/flexible matrix to their followers. There are network companies we have embarked on, but could not continue after finding out how tedious their marketing plan is to achieve.
  • ♦ To improve the professionalism of our members by Establishing and enforcing Industry ethics and standards.
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